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Fund Your Future With an Investment Portfolio

It is nearly impossible to do everything on your own — even for the most experienced investors. That's why you need a competent team to support you in building a profitable investment portfolio. Start by adding me to the team as your broker.

I have the knowledge, experience, energy, and tools to facilitate the best deals suited for you. One of those tools is a spreadsheet of the hottest off-market properties. This list is constantly updated as new deals come and others expire.

View the spreadsheet to the right; work your numbers; complete your due diligence; and send in your offers.

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This spreadsheet contains a list of off-market properties. The information is divided into 5 tabs:

  1. Services and Instructions
  2. Flip Deals
  3. Rental Deals
  4. Commercial Deals
  5. Bulk Deals

Need Hard Money?

Investor Underwriting: Your Hard Money Loan Partner

You need capital to run your real estate investing business. Whether it's acquiring the property or you need additional money to fund repairs, Investor Underwriting can help.

Contact: Bill Sutton | 404-890-7262

Beginner Investors

Investing in real estate can be a daunting task when first starting out. There are so many different types of property, so many funding options, and a sea of acronyms. I have put together this dictionary of some of the most common acronyms that you might come across when evaluating a potential deal.

  • Investment Terms Dictionary

  • vpn_keyCap Rate - gross profit minus net operating income
  • vpn_keyClass A Condition - top rating/multi-family - prime property
  • vpn_keyCustomer Agreement - nonclient - you do your own negotiations
  • vpn_keyDD - due diligence
  • vpn_keyDirect Buyers - no consultants or wholesalers in between the Buyer and selling broker
  • vpn_keyEMD - earnest money deposit
  • vpn_keyFinancials Available - gross profit, net operating income, rent roll, and all other financial documents to show cash flow and value
  • vpn_keyLOI - letter of intent, non binding
  • vpn_keyMFA - master fee agreement
  • vpn_keyNCND - non circumvent/non disclosure agreement
  • vpn_keyNDA - nondisclosure agreement
  • vpn_keyNNN Lease - triple net lease
  • vpn_keyOWFN - owner finance
  • vpn_keyPOF - proof of funds
  • vpn_keyPrivate Offering - not listed or circulated to everyone
  • vpn_keyStabilized Value - value after complete renovations and full occupancy
  • vpn_keyUC - under contract